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Arbor Care is committed to providing safe, high-quality tree and shrubbery pruning, removal and maintenance services for Boise business and residential customers at competitive prices.

We believe in being responsive to our customers’ tree care needs. That’s why we always deploy a certified arborist for every tree service call.

Arbor Care doesn’t beat around the bush. We promptly return calls and provide quick turnaround on tree care services cost estimates.

For all your Arbor Care needs.

Comprehensive Tree Care Service Provider

Arbor Care offers a full range of tree care services to help residential and commercial customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs.

We deploy a professional, licensed arborist to every service call to diagnose and treat problems to protect your plants and help ensure safety on your property and the continued economic value of your plants and landscaping.

Licensed Arborist

Protect your landscape investment by having your trees and plants checked by an ISA licensed arborist. Arbor Care arborists ensure that all tree care and maintenance work done on your property is executed in a safe and professional manner.

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We are Licensed and Insured.

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For all your Arbor Care needs.