Tree Staking

Arbor Care tree care professionals provide proper staking services for trees.

Staking of newly planted trees is not always necessary. In fact, staking can have detrimental effects on the development of a tree. When compared to trees that have not been staked, staked trees produce smaller caliper and less trunk taper, develop a smaller root system, and are more subject to breaking or tipping after stakes are removed. In addition, staked trees may become injured or girdled from the staking or guying materials.

On the other hand, some trees cannot stand upright without support. Bare-root trees, trees grown in small containers with a loose potting mix, and large conifers may require support while they establish, especially in windy sites. In some instances, staking may be recommended to reduce movement of the root ball and subsequent damage to the fine, absorbing roots. In urban sites, stakes are sometimes used to protect young trees from mechanical (equipment) damage and to reduce vandalism.

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